Assisted Living Idaho

Nelma Drake now lives in the community she helped to create many years ago

Nelma Drake now lives in the community she helped to create many years ago

We welcome you to our Heritage & Woodstone Assisted Living and Memory Care family community. Our parents, Harold and Nelma Drake, were the first in Idaho to realize that nursing homes were not the happiest place for Seniors needing only a little bit of help. In the early 1960s, they opened their first retirement home in Twin Falls and in the early 1970s opened two more in the Boise area.

Now, Richard Drake, son of Harold and Nelma, manages all 3 communities with strong support from close and extended family. And his children, Jen and Reginald, are in leadership positions of their own.

We are truly family owned and operated and share those family values in all aspects of life.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each person, our mission is to enhance well-being in aging by assisting Senior residents to live with dignity in a secure, home-like independent or partially dependent environment. Find a community near you as we are centrally located in Boise & Twin Falls, Idaho. Our assisted living offer beautiful communities for retired seniors requiring private or semi-private apartments.

Memory Care

Our Memory Care offers specialized services for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s needs. Senior living does not have to be difficult. Our Heritage staff knows that everyone ages differently, which is why our family-owned communities assist Idaho’s retired seniors. Living in Idaho provides an enriching life full of adventure, and this doesn’t stop at Heritage & Woodstone Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Nursing Home Alternative

Nursing homes are not always the best option for your love one. Assisted living is a fantastic way to ensure that your elderly family member is part of a caring community. Heritage & Woodstone is not a nursing home; however, it is a happy place to assist the elderly.